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Business Exit Planning

We are committed to providing financial strategies and emotional security for business owners and individuals by providing planning services for and successfully executing the single most important financial event of their lives---the transition out of their business into the next chapter of their lives.

As a successful business owner, you set and attain goals every day.  You chart a course for your company, adjust it when necessary, and constantly create innovative ways to overcome new challenges and take advantage of new opportunities.  We call this working "in" your business.

At PRI, we make a distinction between working "in" your business and working "on" your business. Working “on” your business means creating value for a future exit. We help business owners bring the two together by integrating their personal financial plan with their overall business exit plan.

The Facts
  • It is estimated that nearly 50% of successful business owners hope to transition out of their business within the next 10 to 15 years. (Mass Mutual American Family Business Survey, October 2007)
  • As the Baby Boomer generation begins to transition out of their businesses, there will likely be more sellers than buyers.
What This Means to You
  • To exit your business on your terms you need to have a plan.
  • Your plan must include personal and business objectives, both for the present and looking forward 5 to 10 years and beyond.
  • A planned transition can help create order and motivation which enhances business value.